Top Characters

If you are an anime fan, chances are that you may have a good idea of who is on this list. Regardless, this list will help you if you have been out of the loop or if you need a refresher on these detested characters.
Ranked here are the vilest figures in anime that everyone just loves to hate. Get ready for your blood to boil!
# Name Anime Traits Tags
1 Shou TUCKER Shou TUCKER Male, Orange Hair Adult, Alchemist, Glasses, Scientist, Single Parent
2 Sakura HARUNO Sakura HARUNO Female, Pink Hair Headband, Ninja, Verbal Tic
3 Sasuke UCHIHA Sasuke UCHIHA Male, Black Hair Exotic Eyes, Ninja, Orphan, Vengeful
4 Misa AMANE Misa AMANE Female, Blonde Hair Hyperactive, Idol, Pigtails
5 Near Near Male, White Hair Analytical, Detective, Teenager
6 Nina EINSTEIN Nina EINSTEIN Female, Black Hair Glasses, High School Student, Pigtails, Shy, Student Council, Teenager
7 Nobuyuki SUGOU Nobuyuki SUGOU Male, Brown Hair Adult, Glasses, God Complex, Sadistic
8 Koichi SHIDO Koichi SHIDO Male, Black Hair Adult, Big Ego, Glasses, Pervert, Sadistic, Teacher
9 Makoto ITOU Makoto ITOU Male, Black Hair High School Student, Shy, Teenager
10 Yukiteru AMANO Yukiteru AMANO Male, Black Hair Cowardly, Hat, Middle School Student, Teenager

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